Welcome to the downtown Southington scavenger hunt! You’ll follow the clues to find painted rocks hidden at various locations. Each rock has a QR code taped to it, which you’ll scan for your next clue. There are 12 rocks to find in all!

There aren’t many rules, but before you begin…

  • Please leave the rocks behind! Multiple families are participating in the hunt, so please make sure the trail remains intact for everyone! (don’t worry, we plan to clean things up at the end of the weekend 🙂 )
  • All rocks are outdoors. You won’t need to go into any buildings to find your next clue.
  • If you give up trying to figure where a clue is trying to send you, or can’t find a rock where you’re sure there SHOULD be one, send a text to 860.280.5677 and we’ll help you out.
  • Have fun!

Ready? Let’s get you to the starting line:

We don’t want things to start too “ruff”. Don’t press “paws”, let’s start the hunt!

Look by the Rules for your first clue.