Fake Login Area

flaform login screenDo you want your organization to appear bigger, or more important/legitimate/established than you are right now? Maybe you just want to add a sense of mystery to your website. Whatever your reason, the presence of a user login area on your website will help you achieve that effect for your site visitors.

Click here to download `Fake Login Area` from the repository

After installing this plugin, simply add the class “flaform” to the desired link. When the user clicks the link, a modal window will appear with a user/password prompt for a fake login area. Of course, the form does nothing and will always claim to “fail” the login, but it still makes it look like you have more to offer!

This plugin is a simple idea that came from a legitimate client request. At first I laughed, but then the more I thought about it the more I realized there could be some legitimate logic behind the concept.

Huge props to SweetAlert, the awesome popup window that I am using with this plugin to create the login forms.

Version 1.0 of this plugin simply puts the login form in the hands of the users. All of the variables like color, text and such are all parameterized already, so that in a future version I can easily replace the hard-coded strings with PHP variables from an options table. After that, I’m really not sure. Perhaps more features if anyone requests anything.

flaform login failure