Here you can find a list of my WordPress projects.

  • Disable JSON REST API – Not everyone wants the REST API installed on their site before it’s a part of core. If you are one of those people, this plugin uses the built-in filters to ensure that the REST API is disabled as long as this plugin is activated.
  • DisableMU – Redefines the location of the /mu-plugins directory to ensure that no code published to the default location will automatically run on your website.
  • Echo Chamber Comments – Replaces the stock comments with a piece of code which uses the browser’s local storage to make a user feel like they’re commenting on your website. No data is ever sent to your server, it is simply an empty room for people to talk into.
  • Fake Login Area – Sometimes you want the appearance of looking more “enterprise” than you are. Install this plugin, add a simple CSS class to a link, and a modal window will make it look like your site has a protected user area.
  • Google 404 – Allows you to add a Google search bar to your site’s 404 page.